Reduces excess kilograms

Studies have shown that Herbafast innovative combination reduces hunger, weight and eliminates toxins from your body.

Breaks down the cellulite

In the detoxifying process that occurs the under fat is lost, cellulite is eliminated and a better younger skin complexion is achieved.

Fat burner

A combination consisting of fat burners (capsaicin, pepper and ginger) will fight excess fat together.

Stops excess water from accumulation

Herbafast® lady capsule enhances excess water removal, from being trapped inside the fat tissue and cellulite.

Eliminates toxins

The new innovative formula of Herbafast capsules have been proven to eliminates toxins and helps reduce weight and cellulite.

Lowers appetite

Ginger acts as a natural appetite lowering agent and helps you lose weight. It also stimulates feeling of fullness and reduces food cravings.




Make a decision

Make a strong decision that it is time to lose weight and get your body into shape.


Set goals

Set time and weight goals, but be realistic. Stuff done “fast” most of the time ends up to be short term.


Take your Herbafast capsule

Set your watch for your daily Herbafast Lady or Herbafast Gentleman capsule. It is necessary to regularly take the capsule and in the same time!


Adjust your diet

Adjust your food intake! This does not mean a rigorous diet is necessary, but if we decide to reduce weight, diet must be monitored (more fruit and vegetables and less fast food).



Take plenty of water! A minimum of 1.5l of fluid a day (avoid sodas and juices full of sugars). During summer, even up to 2.5l of fluid a day is needed!


Follow your progress

Measure your progress and get used to your new look! Believe in yourself and don’t give up!
Results will come!

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Benefits you will love!

Herbafast- with us and receive special benefits.

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    Order online and save

    Order any amount or whole package of Herbafast Fiber Gentleman and get a super discount!

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    Fast and secure orders

    In Herbafast, our customers come first. We care about your privacy and protection. That is why we have chosen PayPal as a payment processor in order to protect the financial data you enter and speed up your purchase

  3. 3
    international deliveries

    Shipments are performed from our distribution center located in Zagreb, Croatia.
    Estimated delivery time in Europe is between 7 to 10 business days.
    Estimated delivery time for America and the rest of the world is between 15 to 20 business days.
    Delivery times are approximated because they depend entirely on postal services and their workload.

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    Free consultations

    Our team of experts (doctors and pharmacists) is at your service to provide consultation before, during and after treatment. If you have any questions, they most certainly have the answer.

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