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Is Herbafast Fiber meal replacement?
Herbafast Fiber for weight loss is not a substitute for a meal. Herbafast Fiber is a drink based on plant fibers to be taken between meals..

How and when to use Herbafast Fiber?
Herbafast Fiber is used 2 times a day.
To take Herbafast Fiber, should be mixed well two scoops in 200dl of water.
(it is recommended that the first 3 days instead of 2 scoops put 1 scoop into 2 dl water)
The first drink has to be one or two hours before lunch and the second an hour or two before dinner.

Which gives better results Strawberry or Lemon?
Herbafast Fiber Strawberry and Herbafast Fiber Lemon are completely equal. You can take Herbafast Fiber Strawberry in the morning and Herbafast Fiber Lemon in the afternoon.

What is the minimum age to use?
Considering that Herbafast Fiber is a completely natural plant fiber based product can be used by children over 6 years..

Are there side effects?
Herbafast Fiber is a natural product with no side effects.

Why drink jell immediately if it is not taken?
Vegetable fibers have the property to swell in contact with water and this process occurs very quickly.
Herbafast Fiber, as a product rich in fiber, behaves in the same way and this should not surprise you, gelation process will start if not drinking after a few minutes. This is normal and should happen.

Recommendation: The drink should be drunk immediately after mixing in water (approximately within 60 seconds) and continue mixing until all drink the beverage.

Is it normal to feel a strange feeling in my stomach at the beginning of their use?
Herbafast Fiber has probiotic properties. This means that you should not worry if a feeling of “rapid intestinal transit” occurs in the first 3 to 5 days, or if in the early days of consumption (3-5 days), perceives a feeling of bloated stomach.

Recommendation: in the first 3 days of use, instead of two scoops , one scoops in 200 ml of water is recommended.

From the beginning of taking Herbafast Fiber, my need to use the bathroom is much larger, is this normal?
One of the properties of the vegetable fibers is that they are not digestible and are completely eliminated from the body. Undigested food in the intestine is attached to the fibers. This reduces the retention time of the remains of food in the intestine and harmful substances. Herbafast Fiber acts like a sponge that absorbs toxins as well as other harmful substances and removes them from the body. Herbafast Fiber improves digestion and promotes regular bowel movements.

Will I really eliminate cellulite on my buttocks if I use Herbafast anti-cellulite treatment?
With proper and consistent use of Herba-redux anti-cellulite treatment, you will definitely reduce cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. It is important to use the lotion daily, and the first results will be visible within 15 days.

Can both men and women use the anti-cellulite lotion?
Of course! Although cellulite is more prevalent and common within the female population, men can also be affected by this problem. Herbafast Herba-plus complex is equally safe for both men and women, and the usage remains the same.

What are the unwanted side effects?
There are no negative side effects.

Will cellulite return immediately after I stop using the product?
If you continue with proper and healthy nutrition along with exercise, you will reduce the possibility of cellulite reappearance.

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