HERBAFAST retrospective: 10 years of sucsess

For over 10 years Herbafast stands on the front line of defence against excess kilograms. With its unique active ingredients combination and a special production process, Herbafast maintains the formula of good look that over 5 million of satisfied customers. And today, while we celebrate our jubilee we still aspire to understand and satisfy our customers, and all to achieve the Herbafast mission.


Herbafast mission

Focus on your own needs and always listen to your body. A solution is not some number on the scale. A pill for weight loss is also not the solution. Change in life style is exactly what Herbafast offers.

Herbafast supports your healthy way of life. Here to help get rid of your bad habits. To reduce munches and enhance satisfaction after meals, thus helping you lead a more healthy and active life.

Yes, it will also help you lose weight. But you will also teach you healthy living and how to look amazing.

That is why we have for years been investing into HEALTHY WAY OF LIFE that will lead you to BETTER LOOK AND SATISFACTION.

  1. Regulation of excess kilograms

    Through diet and life style modifications, Herbafast have been fighting excess kilograms for 10 years!

  2. Maintaining healthy life

    Herbafast scare about your health and way of living. We therefore recommend natural diet plans and adjusted food intake and exercise plan!

  3. Creating good habits

    Herbafast is not instant. We create good habits that you will apply even after using our products.

  4. Herbafast club

    We wish to connect even more and build our numbers so we can help each other out. We listen to your wishes and aspire to together make them real!

10Years on the market
12Herbafast products
98% satisfied customers
100% natural

A brief history of Herbafast products


Herbafast-logoFirst Herbafast capsules that lead the way to healthy live and great look!


Herbafast-advanced-logoFirst reformulation takes place 2 years after and brings Herbafast advanced capsules into view.


Herbafast-ultimatum-logoFat burner derived from chilli peppers becomes a novel ingredient of Herbafast capsules.


Herbafast-concept-logoHerbafast CONCEPT brings new formulation for burning fat, stress relief and weight control!


Herbafast-coffee-logoHerbafast CONCEPT becomes richer even for morning coffee lovers 🙂


Herbafast-Fiber-logoIn 2014. Herbafast brings out new, plant derived fibres that can be consumed as a solution with water.


What did they say about Herbafast?

I just to have 149 lbs and it started to bother me. I never had time for gym and psychical activity. When I ran into Herbafast ad I told to myself that I have nothing to lose... It is natural, so it does not harm my health. I drank it for 2 and a half months 2 times a day. During usage I stop using sweet spirits and minimized fast food and sweets usage. I lost 22 lbs during this period. My experience with Herbafast is GREAT!


I started to drink yesterday, so far so good, I do not have the appetite, I will write You my experience and in a couple of days along with the results!

Jenny Wilson

I started to drink this beverage, it is enjoyable and I really eat much less food! It helps us to regulate calorie intake, making it easier to keep a diet based on a certain number of calories you need to enter in order to lose weight! Now I just need to see the results!

Emma Patel