A Diet Got You Down? We Have The Solution

June 21, 2016

A Diet Got You Down? We Have The Solution



We are all making our bodies work in a way that we want. At least, that is our goal. The truth is that our bodies are getting used to the food that we regularly eat, exercises that we are doing or not doing.

When I was younger, I was (like many other people) eating a lot of fast food, I was not importing enough of water and my body learned to function under those rules. That was not smart at all because my organism was not getting any vitamins, proteins and other necessary things. Very frequently, I felt depressed, sad and all that because of my unhealthy lifestyle.

When our immune system is weak, our body response to that in the negative ways. Our brain is not getting enough of the necessary things and we are becoming different people (we are not in the mood for many various things and actions). When I figured what is going on, I decided to change everything that I can so I could make myself feel better. Whenever I hear that someone is on a diet, I always advise them to pay attention on vitamins so they don’t get down because of the diet. When people are on diets, they are shocking their immune system because they are changing the rules that their body has already accepted. My solution was – when I am on a diet or on some weight loss program, I am trying my best to import all the vitamins that will help me maintain my good mood and my positive energy.

When I am backing down, I am always asking myself “What does good body shape means to me if I am not happy?”. This question is always pushing me forward and that is my main goal.

Of course, I am taking some sweets from time to time because I want to enjoy in my life and there is nothing wrong with that. The key to happy and healthy life is having the patience and complete control over the things that you are doing on daily bases.

My firm believe is that everything is easy and doable if we really want that something. Why wouldn’t we achieve all those goals when we can do that easily?

We have only one life and we should give our best to get some things in life. It is a shame, especially if we don’t have those things (health, nice body…) because of our laziness. We can’t control all situations in life and that is why we need to be concentrated on these that we can. I hope that I will maintain this lifestyle and my good mood for a long time more.

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