Fiber and additional benefits – Dr Andreja Miricki

June 20, 2016

Fiber and additional benefits – Dr Andreja Miricki


Modern diet is characterized by a reduced intake of fiber, which has the effect of nutrition of a high energy density, which causes obesity and many chronic diseases.

Herbafast fiber is a natural product that contains two types of fiber: Nutriose and Glucomannan, vitamin D3 and C, and micronutrient Zn.

Fiber in chemical composition are carbohydrates (good carbs) that are not subject to digestion in the GIT. Fibers are divided into:
Natural source of fiber are fruits and vegetables.

Features of fibers:
Increased viscosity
Probiotic properties
Low calorific value
Lower glycemic index

Fibers are used:
For production of food and beverages
As Dietary Supplements
For parenteral nutrition

Herbafast Fiber is gluten-free and doesn’t contain GMO (genetically modified organisms) which:
Decreases the secretion of saliva and gastric acid, which makes digestion of food faster and easier
In the stomach, binds a large quantity of water, fills up stomach, stretch the stomach wall, and through the nerves which are found in the stomach wall, sends the information to the brain that we ate, reducing the capacity of the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety
Slows gastric emptying and enables digestion of food
A full stomach reduces secretion of hormone (ghrelin) that is responsible for the feeling of hunger and increased food intake
Optimizes food speed through the GIT
Reduces calorie – energy intake (fibers are low-calorie foods)
Reduces absorption – the utilization of glucose
Reduces oscillations (jumps and lows) of blood sugar levels
Optimizes the absorption of sugar
Reduces insulin secretion
Reduces the utilization – absorption of fat
Decreased creation of cholesterol (reduces stomach acid re-use from the intestine)
Reduces sedimentation and deposition of fat tissue
Helps growth and colonization of good intestinal bacteria
Reduces microinflammation processes in the intestine. Microinflammation processes are responsible for the occurrence of many diseases (diabetes, insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, cancer)
Stimulates local immunity
Reduces the residence time of food in the intestines
Increases bowel movement
Reduces the decay process which occurs as a consequence of excessive retention of food in the intestines
Reduces the concentration of toxic substances and their transfer into the blood
It regulates bowel movements

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