FIBERintaking of Kopaonik – Herbafast socializing on „height“

June 20, 2016

FIBERintaking of Kopaonik – Herbafast socializing on „height“


Herbafast Fiber was a honor guest of 62nd Symposium of Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia held from 12 to 15.06. 2014, on Kopaonik. Thousands of pharmacists have visited a lot of stands, but one of them will certainly remain in their good memory. While the violinists were creating the sounds of a symphony, Herbafast Fiber with its refreshing taste enchanted over thousands of pharmacists who tasted flavors of lemon and strawberry with a smile on their faces. It seemed that they could not decide which flavor suits them more … Red-green Herbafast Fiber balloons could be found at every turn 😉  It was a pleasure making a miraculous beverage for everyone present, as smiles on the faces were everything Fiber could wish for. We thank everyone who attended and here are some photos for those who weren’t present so you cen experience a part of the atmosphere!
Herbafast Fiber

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