Overweight? The Sooner You Know The Better

June 21, 2016

Overweight? The Sooner You Know The Better


When men and women really want something, they are persistent and hard workers. That is a fact and we all know it but what should they do if they are not aware of some problem of their own, for example overweight?

It is clear to all of us that the sooner we know and figure out that we have a problem of any kind is better. For directions and honest opinions we have friends and family but will they tell us if we got weight more than we should?

So, the best solution is checking your weight by yourself and keeping a track of a situation. I had a friend who was not realistic about himself at all and because of that I couldn’t help him and getting him to be more aware of his body issues. I tried everything and he always turned his head away and ignored the problem. I didn’t know what to do then to contact some nutritionists who I know.

His weight situation became worst and worst and he was not ready to face the fact that he is huge and that he can’t live like that. He needed serious help. The doctors, who I contacted, came and they explained him what can happen if he doesn’t face the facts and reality. Not only that they informed him about the future, they told him that he already has many health problems so he had to start with some weight loss program as soon as possible. None of these things wouldn’t happen if he was listening to my advice and suggestions.

Of course, I didn’t want to bother him with “you should” and “I told you so” situations and I was keeping my mouth shut because I knew that he will get even more depressed – he already knew all those things by himself and he knew that I was right. When he saw that he will need a medical treatment he finally accepted that he is overweight and that he is in a critical condition.

Once when he started to listen he got better and he only listened to the doctors. Exercise program, diets and other actions that are necessary for getting a better shape became their life and obligations – finally. Now, he feels much better and I hope that he will continue to be persistent like he was until now. We spoke about his experience and I suggested him to try to advise other people with the same problem – he can reach them because he knows what is the real problem in those people`s heads.

The point is – you can’t solve any problem if you are not aware of it so try to be more realistic and objective when it comes to you.

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