To People Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t Get Started

June 21, 2016

To People Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t Get Started



The worst time of my life was when I was a bit chubby person because I hated my look and my body. I always knew that the solution for this problem is only in my hands but I had a big problem with motivation so that period lasted for a long time.

Of course, like everyone else with this kind of a problem, I watched every motivational movie and I listened to all audio tapes that could help me with my unwanted situation but it never worked like I wanted.

The sentences like: “This is my last meal with carbs” and “Tonight I am going on running” became like a regular thing for me. I hated myself whenever I caught myself saying those sentences. My friends told me many times to stop complaining and they advised me to do something about my problem if I want to change something. I knew that they were right but that didn’t help me.

One year, when spring came, I got sick of myself because I am lazy and I hated the fact that summertime is coming and I still have weight problems. Because of these thoughts I felt horrible and one day I grabbed my sweats and went running.

At first, I walked for one kilometer really slowly and then I started to walk faster and faster and at the end I was running. It felt so great and I had a feeling that my body looks much better after doing the exercises. Friends and my parents were proud of me because I have finally done something good for my health and that gave the strength to continue with my training.

There is nothing better that having the positive opinion about yourself and I have accomplished that. From my experience, the most important thing of all is the motivation. It is really hard to get it but when you do, the whole world is yours and you can do anything that you want to.

Support of friends and family is more than helpful. Also, I used lots of music tracks with the hard beat because songs like those ones are putting me in a great mood and obviously in a great shape. The third advice is to watch only “happy and colorful” movies and shows because that type of videos gives you the positive vibe. I did all these things and it really worked for me. My happiness couldn’t be bigger and I couldn’t stop smiling. Not to mention how big my smile was when I saw the results of my running training.

Now, I feel really good and I have more self-confidence. That feeling is invaluable and I will continue to do everything that I can so I could achieve even better body shape.

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