Why Lazy Girl Succeed With Weight Loss And Nice Girls Fail

June 20, 2016

Why Lazy Girl Succeed With Weight Loss And Nice Girls Fail


The increasing trend in weight gain among women has been a source of major concern both nationally and globally. With over twelve million young people being overweight and some even grossly obese, there is need to adopt healthier lifestyles. But have you ever wondered why lazy girls succeed with weight gain and smart girls fail? Here are some secrets to lazy weight loss that you should learn from lazy girls.

Secret one: lazy girls are open to more weight loss options

Most smart girls tend to over-think about the practicalities of weight loss. You are more likely to find a nice girl trying to figure out what their BMI is and going through a list of the most recommended weight loss options by FDA and so on. On the other hand, the lazy girl does not cheat herself that she is hardworking enough to do it all by exercise or dieting. She is always ready to go for whatever will work at whatever cost. Truth be told, exercise is really strenuous and dieting is too complicated. Once the lazy girl realizes she cannot commit to this, she will go ahead and incorporate other options such as supplements and the overall result will be faster weight loss.

Secret two: lazy girl has a guilty conscience

Lazy girls always know themselves and the fact that they dislike getting tired. This results in a guilty conscience because they feel personally responsible for their weight gain. This is usually the first step toward s any behavior change; accepting the hand you have in creating the problem. Lazy people also tend to feel like they need to prove they are not so lazy to the world. This keeps them motivated once they set their minds on starting and following a weight loss program. Smart girls on the other hand, always have a way of justifying their excess weight. They somehow fit in and people accept their behavior because they are smart.

Secret three: lazy girls bear a heavier social burden

When you are overweight and at the same time perceived as lazy, you bear a very heavy social burden. Other kids are bound to always tease and make fat jokes about your condition. This can turn into a kind of motivating factor for lazy girls. They will want to get everyone off their back and they find all possible means to do that. They usually have more to gain from weight loss as they want to lift the metaphorical burden that comes with being too fat. Smart girls on the other hand, are not easy to tease. Their excellence in academics and other disciplines makes them somehow socially acceptable. As a result, they are less motivated to lose the excess weight.

Those are the three major secrets that make lazy weight loss very easy. If you are stuck in a situation whereby you want to lose weight and you don’t have enough motivation to do it, remember to be like the lazy weight loss girls and think out of the conventional weight loss box. This will help you achieve faster weight loss results.

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