Customer Service

Welcome to customer service

This page was created exclusively for our customers and provides all explanations related to the use of the site.

Below you will find sections that most interest our users and online shoppers. We are here to make your experience with Herbafast easier and safer.

Orders from abroad

All orders from abroad must be paid prior to sending the package.
Currently there are 2 payment options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Western Union
  • PayPal, the fastest, simplest and most cost-effective way to pay your package.
  • If you opt for WU payment, we will send you the information that you will need for paymen and the exact amount of money, after payment verification, we will send you the package.
  • We will be in contact with you, until you get the package. And if the package is not delivered due to any inconvenient, we will refund you the entire amount or we will send you the package again.

Rest assured!

In HERBAFAST our customers are the most important. We care about your privacy and protection. For the payment processor we have chosen PayPal to protect all the financial information provided.

Nešto o PayPal sistemu naplate:


PayPal keeps the information from your bank and your cards from the sellers (Us in this case).
When you pay with PayPal, no one has contact with your data card.
Also, you are 100% protected against unauthorized access to your account.


PayPal billing system is the leader in the field of security. They use the latest technology to stop the fraudulent intrusion, and at any moment a large number of employees monitors transactions 24/7, enabling us to shop safely.


They use strict security measures to protect us.
They guarantee 100% protection against foreign intrusion into your account.


Like the cherry on the cake, they have money-back guarantee. As long as you do not get the desired package, we will not be able to possess the money you paid.
If anything goes “wrong”, the entire amount will be refunded to your account.