Excess weight? Get rid of it!

Herbafast Fiber is the best formula for You, even if you are used to turning to food for a comfort. This unique combination of fiber with a complex of vitamins and minerals helps:

Herbafast Fiber contains the highest amount of fiber. Fibers bind with water and take up space in stomach, reducing need for food.

On its way through the body, Herbafast Fiber stops the fat from binding and prevents forming of the fat.

The complex of vitamins and minerals in combination with fiber strengthens the immune system and helps us to stay healthy while slimming. Toxins and harmful substances are rapidly removed from the body.

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Herbafast Fiber


Why Fiber?

Weight loss for me is a very frustrating experience. Especially because I can’t stop thinking about food and I’m constantly hungry. Any plan for losing weight I’ve ever made meant thatI have to avoid certain food groups: fat, sugar, carbohydrates – and I adhered to that.

Regardless of the commitment, desire for food that was forbidden only increased. I feltindisposed and lack of energy, followed by decline in immunity. And after all I’ve almost always managed to get back each pound I’ve lost

I read that research has confirmed that if I only reduce my intake of calories I can lose weight and maintain my target weight for a long time. I thought “Well, that’s impossibleAnd then I heard about the fibers. I could not believe I was so full, while losing weight.

And what’s even better, I just needed to increase my intake of fiber, instead of throwing out any other food from my diet. Therefore, for me,  Herbafast Fiber is probably the best formula for weight loss.

How are fibers helping us lose weight?

1. Feeling of fullness is important

Product which is proven to contain the highest concentration of fiber is Herbafast Fiber. 4 grams of glucomannan and 14 gr of nutriose a day help me with my daily intake of fiber, and not only that. For me personally, the greatest value of Herbafast Fiber is that it makes me feel full over a long period of time. When I drink Herbafast Fiber, fibers absorb water and take up space in my stomach, preventing me to enter more food than I really need.

The stomach sends a signal to the brain that it is full, and I perceive that information as satiety. Simply put – I am no longer hungry. My stomach is unable to digest fiber, therefore they retain more and it prolongs my feeling of fullness. At the same time, the fibers stimulate the secretion of gastric juice rich in enzymes that digest food intake, and full stomach secretes substances that reduce appetite.

Since I am one of those who cannot stop eating, especially when I’m upset or under stress, the fibers are the right choice for me. Product on the market that has the highest concentration of fibers – Herbafast Fiber.

Herbafast Fiber reduce feeling of hunger

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After 9 weeks of Herbafast Fiber intake, all consumers had reduced hunger feeling..

80% of Herbafast users are feeling full

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8 out of 10 consumers after continuous Herbafast usage has significantly increased satiety.

2. Fiber devour calories

A small number of calories is one of the basic characteristics of fiber. Fiber helps me to feel full, regardless of consuming very little calories. One part of the calories that I still intake by nutrition will not be able to absorb, but together with the fiber will be unused and expelled from the body.

Fibers in the intestines act like sponge. Absorb water and trap carbohydrates, fats. Rapid passing through the intestines prevent the exploitation of calories and settling on my hips.Studies have shown that people who take large amounts of foods rich in fiber expel more calories through stool.

2.1 With Herbafast Fiber half is more than enough

It has been proven that increased fiber intake (Herbafast Fiber) in diet, reduce long-term caloric intake.

Herbafast Fiber reduces calorie intake

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A small percentage of calories which will be used will be spent as energy for normal functioning of the body and there will be no excess that could be turned into fat. This means that Herbafast Fiber helps me get rid of most of the calories I intake during the day. I feel slim and healthy already 🙂

Herbafast Fiber reduces fat deposits in the body

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Herbafast Fiber reduces waist volume

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Continued use of Herbafast Fiber significantly reduces the percentage of fat in the body and consequently reduces the waist.

3. No surrender

Whenever I eat food that doesn’t contain fiber, there is a possibility that the sugar levels in my blood will rise sharply. Then my mind realizes that my body is full of energy that is easily accessible. And if at that point I’m not physically active all excess is converted into fat. 🙁

However, that is always followed by a bigger problem. Rapid return of sugar in my blood to normal values makes me feel tired and hungry and craving to eat a lot more than I really need. And as much as I fight back in the end I always give up and break the rules. To makes things worse, I usually end up eating something sweet and I’m again right where I started. I always feel disappointed…

Stops “eating urges”

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Herbafast Fiber helps me not to give up. Fibers that contains help to regulate blood sugar, to control hunger and increase the feeling of fullness. That’s all I need to remove excess weight.

4. Health comes first

Herbafast Fiber prevents the absorptionof fats from food

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Herbafast Fiber reduces the levels of total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels.

Prevention of chronic diseases

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Constant level of blood sugar, does not lead to jumps in insulin secretion. Constantly growing of insulin level in the blood are the main reason for various organs damage.

5. Detox therapy

Herbafast Fiber – most natural detox program.

Herbafast Fiber improves digestion and stimulates regular bowel movements. Reduces the retention time of food remains in the intestine, and consequently the retention of harmful substances. Fibers from Herbafast Fiber behave like a sponge that absorbs toxins and other harmful substances and removes them from the body.

Herbafast Fiber is a prebiotic – Prebiotic creates the conditions and facilitate the growth and colonization of our intestinal good bacteria. Eliminate bad bacteria and toxins from the bowel.

The complex of vitamins and minerals in combination with fiber strengthen my immune system and helps me stay healthy while slimming. In addition, I am completely relieved, because I know that Herbafast Fiber does not contain gluten, which for me is difficult to endure.

Herbafast Fiber restores the mucous membrane of the intestine and improves local immunity. A healthy stomach is a powerful immune response.

6. Verified by EFSA

I use Herbafast Fiber because it is proven to be safe and effective. The European Food Safety Authority has confirmed that the combination of fibers in Herbafast Fiber is proven to reduce weight and increase the feeling of fullness.

Finally something for weight loss I can believe in.

Everything you need to know before You start using Herbafast Fiber

A brief guide on what you can expect during Herbafast Fiber weight loss.

1. Increased flatulence at the beginning of usage

Herbafast Fiber has prebiotic properties. This means that you should not become concerned if in the first 3 to 5 days occurs a feeling of a „rapid bowel“ or you are in the first few days of usage (3-5 days) report feeling bloated stomach or „rapid bowel“ or flatulence.

Recommendation: In first 3 days make a potion with half of Herbafast Fiber ammount (1 Herbafast Fiber messure in 2 dl of water), and after continue with 2 messures.

2. Swelling property – gelation

Like we already explained in the section „How it works?“, ability of Fibers is to swell in contact with water. This process happens very quickly. Herbafast Fiber, as a product rich on Fibers, behaves the same, and do not be surprised if a potion after a few minutes (if not drank) turns into a gelatinous mass.

Recommendation: Drink potion immediately after making (in next 60 seconds) or stir while you are drinking. A gel composition has the same properties as potion, it just changes the way of consumption.

What is fiber?

Fiber is an integral part of plant foods that our body cannot digest. They are in fruits, vegetables, grains … Earlier it was believed that the vegetable fibers are useless part fresh produce, which only reduces their quality. Today it is known, and expert public has confirmed in numerous papers and studies that fiber greatly contribute to the general health of the body and help prevent many diseases.

Experts say that we don’t consume enough fiber

Although we can intake fibers with food, we do not get enough. Studies show that the average adult consumes about 10 to 15 grams of fiber a day – which is about half of the recommended daily intake. Considering how I eat, I surely bring in even less.

Lack of fiber leads to excess weight

Day by day I throw a few pounds more. My friends complain that the situation is the same for them. When I think back I do not remember that my grandmother and mother at this age had a similar problem. I’m sure the reason is the fact that we are lacking fiber in our diet.

What you should know

Herbafast Fiber is completely natural and safe product.


Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding may have a problem with excess weight. Excessive weight gain causes many disorders, high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood sugar (hyperglycemia-diabetes) that complicate pregnancy and childbirth, endangering mother and baby.
If pregnant or breastfeeding woman has a problem with excess weight, she should consult a doctor and obtain the ideal diet for her and information about how to introduce and use Herbafast Fiber.


People with diabetes who are on insulin therapy, may use Herbafast FIBER with adjustments of insulin doses. Fibers lead to balancing diet and regulating blood sugar levels, so it may be necessary to lower the dose of insulin.
For individuals who have diabetes – type II (not taking insulin), it is advisable to use Herbafast Fiber, because it reduces the absorption of sugar, regulate blood sugar levels, leading to body weight correction.


Children under the age of 12, if suffering of excess weight, in consultation with a doctor can use Herbafast Fiber


If you are on some therapy, take your medication one hour before or four hours after Herbafast Fiber.