Herbafast® lady capsules contain especially patented combination of probiotic yeast and a powerful antioxidant (Saccharomyces boulardii + Superoxide dismutase (SOD)).

Research have confirmed that this innovative combination reduces hunger, lower body weight and eliminates toxins from your body.

Called “enzyme of life” for its powerful antioxidant action, SOD is a first line of defence that your body has against free radicals that lead to being overweight.

Special advantage of superoxide dismutase that is contained inside Herbafast® lady capsules is the derivation itself. By newest technological processes, SOD is derived from all natural source of melon fruit, and is in the highest concentration that shows the most powerful antioxidant effect.


Extremely powerful combination of 2 natural fat burning agents from Herbafast® lady capsules (capsaicin and black pepper extract) enhances thermogenic effect. With the aid of thermogenesis, metabolism is faster and fat burning is enhanced


Nettle dry extract inside Herbafast® lady capsule enhances water removal that is trapped in fatty tissue and cellulite. This way, lipolysis is faster and fat layers burn more quickly and toxins are excreted efficiently. By detoxifying inner fat layers, cellulite is eliminated and a much younger skin look is. Additionally, nettle extract stimulates liver function that makes body detox even more intensive.


Herbafast® lady capsules contain a great number of efficient ingredients that aid weight loss. Especially important is the synergy inside this newly developed formulation that enhances action of each individual component.

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Herbafast lady


Adults and kids over 12 years old: 1 capsule daily, before meal.

Recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Food supplements cannot be used as a substitute for diverse and balanced diet.

Product should not be taken by persons allergic to any of the product ingredients. Product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women or kids under 12 years of age.