Customer experience

Today is my third day of use.
Herbafast Fiber and, so far it has been excellent. I noticed increase in the expulsion of fluids and decrease in appetite, and the need for sweets is totally gone. I was completely addicted to sweets before using this product and I was waking up at three to four times during the night… The first time I slept through the whole night… SO FAR IT IS GREAT…. THANKS HERBAFAST…

Sofia, 29 years

4 days, 4 kilograms less, it is perfect!!! :)))


This is a perfect product where the sense of fulfillment and loosing weight is definitely guaranteed.


My name is Mia and I am 27 years old. I used Herbfast Fiber - strawberry which is an excellent product because it fulfills and my digestion is regular. I am very happy that I do not have to eat as much. I am very grateful.

Mia - 27 years

Here I am after exactly 2 weeks and the scale says I have lost 7 kilograms. I started with 2 boxes, lemon and strawberry. One I keep at my work and one at home. It will suffice until the of the third week. Pounds are melting. My face seems younger. I am full of confidence. I send You kisses!


I am on my second box and I feel that pounds are melting...


Since some of my friend do not believe the efficacy of Herbafast, I have decided to share my experience and opinion. I have used before Herbafast products and have to say that only after a short therapy I am very satisfied. Due to my poor health condition at the time and by my doctors recommendations I stopped using Herbafast. Only 1/3 of the weight I lost returned because of some personal diet inconsistency, when my physical activity was minimal and I was taking a lot of food. Since a new product Fiber has appeared I decided to try it. At first I was a little skeptical because even after 3 days there were no changes but my appetite reduced. After one box I lost nearly 3 kilograms. I decided to continue taking Fiber twice a day and buy another box. As the days went by pounds melted away and my urge was diminished. I have to say that I just to eat a lot of sugar, but no longer have the need for it. After 20 days of use and two boxes of different taste, that are both very tasty, I am beyond satisfied by my result. I lost 6.3 kilograms, my waistline reduced. It is very important to just continue with this treatment. I was thinking that we cannot lose weight without feeling hungry, but I was just proven wrong. Guys, YOU ARE NEVER HUNGRY and you lose weight. I just want to recommend Herbafast because it really works!


I am an athlete, but have a "mild" excess of kilograms that are hardest to take off. The product is EXTRAORDINARY. Really, without any motivation or desire to promote I am still very satisfied. Appropriate amount of water, some sport and Herbafast Fiber between meals and the result cannot fail. Recommended!


You are the best! I lost 5 and a half kg already. I stopped using Herbafast but after one month I still have the same weight.


I started using my 5th Herbafast Fiber package and have lost 6kg in a month and a half. Herbafast Fiber is the BEST formula for losing weight!

Joana - 22 years