Customer experience

Today is my third day of use.
Herbafast Fiber and, so far it has been excellent. I noticed increase in the expulsion of fluids and decrease in appetite, and the need for sweets is totally gone. I was completely addicted to sweets before using this product and I was waking up at three to four times during the night… The first time I slept through the whole night… SO FAR IT IS GREAT…. THANKS HERBAFAST…

Sofia, 29 years

I just to have 149 lbs and it started to bother me. I never had time for gym and psychical activity. When I ran into Herbafast ad I told to myself that I have nothing to lose... It is natural, so it does not harm my health. I drank it for 2 and a half months 2 times a day. During usage I stop using sweet spirits and minimized fast food and sweets usage. I lost 22 lbs during this period. My experience with Herbafast is GREAT!


I started to drink yesterday, so far so good, I do not have the appetite, I will write You my experience and in a couple of days along with the results!

Jenny Wilson

I started to drink this beverage, it is enjoyable and I really eat much less food! It helps us to regulate calorie intake, making it easier to keep a diet based on a certain number of calories you need to enter in order to lose weight! Now I just need to see the results!

Emma Patel

Third day, appetite gone, the expulsion of water increased.... Of course with Herbafast Fiber ... 🙂


Just to let you know, today is my tenth day, the scale shows 2 lbs less and I feel great ... still have a lack of desire for sugar, decreased appetite ... I'm thrilled ... I even bought two days ago Herbafast concept and anti-cellulite cream for butt and legs ... What can I say except a big THANK YOU ... 🙂

Evelyn - 35 years

The fourth day of use ... this is awesome ... digestion and urination are regulated and do not feel the need for a large amount of food, simply I am not hungry but full ...!


Incredibly, I am drinking it for three days and don’t not feel the hunger at all ...

Victoria Campbell

I'm in my 8-day, and I am sooo happy! It really helps!

Leah - 19 years

Excellent, already having their second package You can just see that the pounds disappear!

Kylee Watson