Customer experience

Today is my third day of use.
Herbafast Fiber and, so far it has been excellent. I noticed increase in the expulsion of fluids and decrease in appetite, and the need for sweets is totally gone. I was completely addicted to sweets before using this product and I was waking up at three to four times during the night… The first time I slept through the whole night… SO FAR IT IS GREAT…. THANKS HERBAFAST…

Sofia, 29 years

I am using Herbafast Fiber flavored with lemon for nine days now and I am thrilled! There is no "hunger pangs", there is no desire for sweets (which is frankly the most important for me), and the scale shows 2 lbs less 🙂 I also have more energy and I feel great. Thanks for a great product 🙂

Sofia Martin - 26 years

Drank it for a few days and really gives a feeling of satiety. I drink it every day at 11am and in the afternoon if I feel hungry, if not I skip it.


Using for five days and two pounds less! My appetite is not much reduced, and bowel movements are much better. I drink it at 11am and at 6pm. All in all I couldn’t be happier!


Hello, another positive experience 🙂 Today is the eighth day of use and 4lbs less 🙂


I have a problem with a big appetite and hunger strikes. I did not watched what I eat, so I bought Herbafast Fiber, which completely solves the problem. I choose to drink lemon flavor, and I hope I'll take off weight, because if the problem of hunger is solved the pounds will fall. I was skeptical, but now more than satisfied!

Tanya - Mom