Exercise in your office or other work area

  To again be fresh and eager to work, take yourself a little break and come back fresh energy doing some exercises at the workplace. At the beginning of each exercise prepare the body by heating, for example, running in place for 5 minutes. Use every opportunity to stretching and burning calories. While You are […]

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What would you rather do: Lose weight or eat chocolate cake?

People who have problems with weight, in great astonishment, have always refrained from chocolate desserts for fear that it would not „threw“ a few more pounds. Amazingly, according to scientific research, it is possible to lose weight even if you insert chocolate treats as part of a complete breakfast. It definitely sounds great, and according […]

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A Diet Got You Down? We Have The Solution

  We are all making our bodies work in a way that we want. At least, that is our goal. The truth is that our bodies are getting used to the food that we regularly eat, exercises that we are doing or not doing. When I was younger, I was (like many other people) eating […]

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Do not go back to suffer from Obesity!

Obese: Scientists say dieters will most likely return to their former selves. A few lose weight but very few get back to normal. The best policy is to prevent people becoming overweight. For men [weight] goes up steadily through life. For women it starts slowly and accelerates in the mid-thirties. But the study’s findings do […]

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To People Who Want To Lose Weight But Can’t Get Started

  The worst time of my life was when I was a bit chubby person because I hated my look and my body. I always knew that the solution for this problem is only in my hands but I had a big problem with motivation so that period lasted for a long time. Of course, […]

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How to reduce cellulite naturally

Cellulite refers to the fat cells located beneath the skin’s surface, which creates a set perforated cheese. About 90 percent of women have cellulite on the legs, hips, buttocks, or abdomen, according to fitness magazines. Although it is less commonly seen in men, cellulite can also be developed with them. Your genetics, age, activity level, […]

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Overweight? The Sooner You Know The Better

When men and women really want something, they are persistent and hard workers. That is a fact and we all know it but what should they do if they are not aware of some problem of their own, for example overweight? It is clear to all of us that the sooner we know and figure […]

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Twist Your Way To A Fitter…Trimmer You

We all want to look good and to be attractive as much as possible but most of the people are only hoping for the best – they are not doing anything to achieve that goal. The biggest problem is starting a new lifestyle which will bring you to a perfect body shape. Many men and […]

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Weight Loss Is Easy With These Tips

Obesity is one of the major health issues faced by the modern world. There are various factors which lead to obesity. In some cases obesity is genetic. In other cases it is the result of lack of physical activity and improper diet contents. Obesity has many harmful effects. An obese person is more susceptible to […]

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Fiber and additional benefits – Dr Andreja Miricki

Modern diet is characterized by a reduced intake of fiber, which has the effect of nutrition of a high energy density, which causes obesity and many chronic diseases. Herbafast fiber is a natural product that contains two types of fiber: Nutriose and Glucomannan, vitamin D3 and C, and micronutrient Zn. Fiber in chemical composition are […]

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Dr. Svetlana Mitrovic – Herbafast (Fiber) Fibers and their safety consumption

Who needs to pay attention when using Herbafast Fiber? Herbafast fiber is completely natural and safe product. Almost everyone is suitable beneficiary of fiber – Fiber Herbafast. The following groups should follow the advices when using the product: PREGNANCY AND BREASTFEEDING Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding may have a problem with excess weight. Excessive weight […]

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Why Lazy Girl Succeed With Weight Loss And Nice Girls Fail

The increasing trend in weight gain among women has been a source of major concern both nationally and globally. With over twelve million young people being overweight and some even grossly obese, there is need to adopt healthier lifestyles. But have you ever wondered why lazy girls succeed with weight gain and smart girls fail? […]

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FIBERintaking of Kopaonik – Herbafast socializing on „height“

Herbafast Fiber was a honor guest of 62nd Symposium of Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia held from 12 to 15.06. 2014, on Kopaonik. Thousands of pharmacists have visited a lot of stands, but one of them will certainly remain in their good memory. While the violinists were creating the sounds of a symphony, Herbafast Fiber with […]

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